Hi there! Welcome to the wonderful world of LAB’INN LIFE at Pleasant View Bed & Breakfast!
My name is Cascade and I am one of the labs that lives here at Pleasant View!
I was introduced to the world of bed and breakfasts when my owner – and inn wench extraordinaire – Heidi, brought me home at 8 weeks old. I knew I was going to love this place when I saw the huge backyard and the inn’s other friendly lab, Moshannon.
Many people ask why stay at a Bed & Breakfast? Just like fetching, inn keeping is one of the oldest lines of work – a time honored tradition, shall we say. My ancestors traveled with their people to help them hunt for food. Times are different now, however, its likely people will always travel and need lodging. The B&B industry has evolved into an appealing lodging option among business and leisure travelers.
I know, when my people travel, they want to stay someplace like Pleasant View Bed & Breakfast. Where it is warm and welcoming, and it feels like home. Where you can come and go as you please, have a yummy home cooked breakfast, explore the countryside, and come back and sit on the porch in a big ol’ rocking chair. Reflect. Nap. Dream about chasing bunnies……..
Sorry. I digressed.
Growing up at a bed & breakfast has been fun. Granted, Heidi has been doing her inn wench schtick for over 15 years, however, me being a newbie, I needed to learn the business.
So, I invite you, the traveler, to come back and follow me as I describe to you how much fun it is to stay – and live – at Pleasant View Bed & Breakfast.